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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the coefficient “U” and what does it mean?

The coefficient “U” is one of the most important parameters of the window, which shows the amount of heat that is released per square metre of a window per hour at 1 °C indoor and outdoor air temperature difference. The lower is heat transmission coefficient, the more effective is thermal insulation of the window and the lower is heat release to the outside. All “U” values are obtained through window testing. Tests are carried out with windows of standard parameters (1 230 mm*1 480 mm). Coefficients of windows of other parameters are values calculated by programme means.

What are the options of control?
  • Non-opening
  • Opening to the side
  • Opening to the side and tilting
  • Tilting
  • Folding
  • Casement-type
  • Pulling – sliding
What colours to choose and what can you recommend?

You can choose colours from “RAL” or “NCS” palettes. We recommend coating a wooden window from the exterior with paint and applying to the interior:

  • the same colour as that used for the exterior (most cost-efficient)
  • another colour from “RAL” or “NCS” palettes
    a transparent varnish and retaining the natural colour of wood
  • a transparent varnish and creating the desired tint.
What are additional options of glass units?

Triple or quadruple insulated glass units are installed in windows. Their width ranges from 24 to 60 mm. To improve thermal performance of glass units warm frames “Termix” are used. Additionally available options of glass units are:

  • Solar control glass units
  • Self-cleaning glass units
  • Tinted glass units
  • Acoustic glass units (up to 52dB sound insulation)
  • Fire-resistant glass units (Ei30-Ei60)
  • Safety glass units (with toughened or laminated glazing)
  • Glass units with decorative glazing
Does aluminium cladding not damage the wood of a window?

Aluminium fitted in and installed correctly does not damage the wood and even provides maximum protection against undesirable exposure to atmospheric factors, while at the same time allowing the wood to “breathe”. Aluminium cladding screens are installed so as to keep it out of direct contact with the wood leaving a span for air to keep circulating. Such windows don’t require any special maintenance. The wood–aluminium window hardware used by is manufactured by the German company GUTMANN GmbH. We apply to aluminium profiles powder coating of any “RAL” colour or give it a silver tint by anodising.

What sizes of the European-type windows can you manufacture?

Depending on whether a window is of a casement-type or not, we can manufacture windows of the following sizes:

Casement-type window:

  • Min: 410 mm x 410 mm
  • Max: 1100 mm x 2400 mm

Non-opening window:

  • Min: 330 mm x 330 mm
  • Max: 3600 mm x 2600 mm


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