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Exterior Doors

We manufacture exterior doors of 92 mm thickness. They are particularly strong, stable and resistant to climate changes.

Exterior Doors

We manufacture exterior doors of 92 mm thickness. They are particularly strong, stable and resistant to climate changes. Heat transmission coefficient can reach up to 0.73W/(m2k). An additional acoustic gasket guarantees excellent soundproofing characteristics of these doors. As a filling a special “styrodur” insulation board is used which may be either smooth or with faceted edges.


Exterior doors can be manufactured with double or triple insulated glass units. Glass may be transparent, ground, reflective or ornamental. It is also possible to mount tightened or laminated triplex glass.


For decoration of doors decorative glass dividers are manufactured, which can be bonded to a glass unit, mounted inside it or fixed using special holders so that it is easier to clean the glass after removing them.


Entrance door thresholds are made of aluminium to ensure convenient use and tightness. Probably you have come along aluminium thresholds in the doorways of stores that are not tight enough, have a gap above the floor, are swaying or rattling. This happens because aluminium is insufficiently tightly bound with assembly foam and therefore tears off in the long run. Thresholds manufactured by us are mounted on a timber element, therefore their binding, strength and tightness is undoubted.

Palette of colours

To make the exterior doors excellently match house façade we apply to them any colour from “RAL” or “NCS” palettes. Doors from the inside and outside can be painted either in the same or in a different colour. From the outside doors can be stained and from the inside – covered with a transparent coating of the same colour as their inner side.


EASY 3D 3-way adjustable hinges with overlap used by us meet the most stringent technical and aesthetic standards as well as the installation technology requirements. The load is up to 150 kg. They are easily adjustable even when doors are closed. These hinges ensure low running resistance because they are fitted with self-lubricating bushings. Symmetrical design of the hinges allows mounting them either on the left or on the right side of doors or inside of doors with or without side recess gasket. Thus, the adjustment of these hinges is even fourfold. Due to the great variety of the types of offered surface finishes the hinges can be optimally adapted to the exterior of doors. This ensures the aesthetic value of doors while concurrently maintaining the consumer value.


Mounted attractor type (closing strength is determined by repositioning the attractor)
Good wind amortisation function
Closing speed is controlled from the front
Latching strength is controlled by arm length
Fixed arm max 1 500


We use exterior door locks manufactured by Siegenia – the leading window and door hardware manufacturer. Door locks offered by us range from simple to the most state-of-the-art locks for your doors: electronic locks, fingerprint sensors, magnetic cards, etc. The most frequently used door lock is a controlled grip lock. By tilting upwards this lock captures the door at three points and at the same time reliably tightens the seals.

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